Mya Communication DVDs

Mya Communication DVDs are an unofficial offshoot DVD releasing label of the sadly now defunct Noshame label. It consists of Salvatore Alongi and Marcello Rossi, both previous employees of Noshame. Recently they’ve finally issued a good quality DVD of Argento’s Four Flies On Grey Velvet, and have released an absolutely phenomenal list of forthcoming releases that has got me very excited!

Firstly, we have a bunch of releases scheduled for a June 30th release in the USA. I’ll post those up here with the brief descriptions and artwork that Mya have issued on their press sheet:

ISLAND OF THE FISHMEN (1979): Island Of The Fishmen (1979) - Sergio Martino

Sergio Martino’s Island Of The Fishmen (aka L’Isla Degli Uomini Pesce aka Screamers) – "It’s 1891: Lieutenant Claude de Ross (Claudio Cassinelli), a military doctor, and a few newly escaped convicts are shipwrecked on a mysterious tropical island. They soon come across a strange couple: the sadistic Edmund Rackham (Richard Johnson) and the beautiful Amanda Marvin (Barbara Bach). The doctor finds out that Amanda’s father, professor Ernest Marvin (Joseph Cotten), is a mad scientist who is experimenting on horrible human-fish mutations. While Professor Marvin is convinced that he’s doing his research for humanitarian motives, Rackham has other plans, since he has discovered an incredible secret lying beneath the island."

I haven’t ever seen this, but am looking forward to it. Martino’s films are always very entertaining and this sounds like good fun. It was previously released by Noshame in 2005 but is long OOP. There’s more info about it on its IMDB page located here.

 Monika (1974) - Mario Imperoli
MONIKA (1974):

"Monika (Gloria Guida) is young, beautiful and virgin. She is only 16 years old, and, beside getting the attention of all her classmates, she also attracts older men. She has a relationship with a boy, Leo, but she doesn’t know that he uses to pimp the girls he seduces to rich businessmen. One of Leo’s client befriends Monika and becomes so obsessed that he pays Leo to get her. But Monika turns her attention to her art professor, unknowing that he too has his secrets."

Sounds like typical Gloria Guida sleaze… which means it should be worth watching! This is actually her first film and was directed by Mario Imperoli aka Mark Emperor! Can’t argue with a ‘monika’ such as that (I’ll get my coat…). IMDB info to be found here.



HORRIBLE (1981): Horrible aka Absurd

This one is more commonly known as Absurd or Antropophagus 2 and is one of the notorious original 74 ‘Video Nasties’ banned in the UK in the early 1980s. It was directed by infamous king of sleaze Joe D’Amato. Here’s the Mya spiel:
"A man is running, followed by a priest. He comes across a house but the tall gates are locked so he begins to climb them, however he slips at the top and impales himself on the spikes. Injured to death he’s taken to an hospital. Once there, the doctors discover that this man has an amazing regenerative power and his blood coagulates very quickly, making him almost indestructible. Sergeant Ben Engleman is put on the case, and he finds out that the priest has the answers: this man, Mikos Stenopolis, is the result of a nuclear scientific experiment gone wrong. He’s now completely insane and will kill everybody who crosses his path, showing no mercy."

There’s some pretty horrific killings in this, not least a very prolonged killing using an oven(!) and grisly use of power tools. I’ve only ever seen this on a dodgy VHS sourced version… so a typically great Mya transfer of this should make it essential euro cult!


Ubalda (1972) - Edwige Fenech"Inspired by the International success of Pier Paolo Pasolini’s The Decameron (1971) and Canterbury Tales, Italian filmmakers rushed out a slew of like-minded comedies in the bawdy vein of Renaissance humorist Giovanni Boccaccio, known collectively as "Decamerotica." Medieval ltaly is the setting for this ludicrous la ronde involving a bumbling knight (Pippo Franco, of Billy Wilder’s Avanti!) torn between his unfaithful wife (Black Emmanuelle‘s Karin Schubert) and the comely Ubalda (Fenech), the bored bride of the village miller who has the local men in a state of arousal despite her ample charms being constrained in an iron chastity belt. Directed by Mariano Laurenti, who teamed with Fenech again for Naughty Nun (1972) and The Winsome Widow (1974), Ubalda, All Naked and Warm was never released theatrically in the United States and is available only on this exclusive DVD, remastered from the original vault negatives and completely uncut and uncensored."

An Edwige Fenech sex comedy? Sign me up for one of those! It goes without saying that this will probably be an essential purchase for anyone who classes themself as a Fenech fan. IMDB info here.

These four releases are all due to be released by Mya Communication DVDs on June 30th.

Even more exciting is the Mya list of planned releases. Here we go with the pant-wettingly awesome list of upcoming (maybe just hopeful?) films:

1. CARMEN NUE (1984 Fra/Spa) Directed by Albert Lopez (IMDB)

2. PIERINO CONTRO TUTTI (Italia 1982) Directed by Marino Girolami (IMDB)

3. LA ROSSA DALLA PELLE CHE SCOTTA aka The Redheaded Corpse (1971 Ita/Tur) Directed by Renzo Russo (IMBD)

4. ATTI IMPURI ALL’ITALIANA (1976 Italia) Directed by Oscar Brazzi (IMDB)

5. AMORE ALL’ARRABBIATA aka Crazy, Crazy Love (1976 Italia) Directed by Carlo Veo (IMDB)

6. ARABELLA ANGELO NERO aka Arabella, Black Angel (1989 Italia) Directed by Stelvio Massi (IMDB)

7. DI MAMMA NON CE N’è UNA SOLA (1974 Italia) Directed by Alfredo Giannetti (IMDB)

8. FRITTATA ALL’ITALIANA (1976 Italia) Directed by Alfonso Brescia (IMDB)

9. LA BOLOGNESE (1975 Italia) Directed by Alfredo Rizzo (IMDB)

10. DOLCI ZIE (1975 Italia) Directed by Mario Imperioli (IMDB)

11. NOTTI PECCAMINOSE DI PIETRO L’ARETINO (1972 Italia) Directed by Manlio Scarpelli (IMDB)

12. PROFESSIONE BIGAMO aka Confessions of a Bigamist (1969 Ita/GermEst) Directed by Franz Antel (IMDB)

13. FRATELLO HOMO SORELLA BONA aka Roman Scandals ’73 (1972 Italia) Directed by Mario Sequi (IMDB)

14. LA MOGLIE VERGINE aka The Virgin Wife (1975 Italia) Directed by Marino Girolami (IMDB)

15. QUANT’è BELLA LA BERNARDA TUTTA NERA TUTTA CALDA aka The Canterbury Decameron  (1975 Italia) Directed by L.Dandolo (IMDB)

16. MIDNIGHT BLUE (1979 Italia) Directed by Raimondo del Balzo (IMDB)

17. MORBOSAMENTE VOSTRA (1985 Italia) Directed by Andrea Bianchi (IMDB)

18. PRIMO TANGO A ROMA – STORIA D’AMORE E D’ALCHIMIA (1973 Italia) Directed by Lorenzo Gicca Palli (IMDB)

19. FOLLIE DI NOTTE aka Crazy Nights (1978 Italia) Directed by Joe D’Amato (IMDB)

20. STRANO RICATTO DI UNA RAGAZZA PER BENE aka Blackmail (1974 Italia) Directed by Luigi Batzella (IMDB)

21. ATTENTI ARRIVANO LE COLLEGIALI (1975 Italia) Directed by Giorgio Mille (IMDB)

22. SETTE RAGAZZE DI CLASSE aka Seven Dangerous Girls (1979 Italia) Directed by Pedro Lazaga (IMDB)

23. QUANDO I CALIFFI AVEVANO LE CORNA aka The Curse Of The Red Butterfly (1973 Italia) Directed by Amasi Damiani (IMDB)

24. A CHI TOCCA TOCCA aka S.O.S. Danger Uranium (1978 Italia/GermEst/Israele) Directed by Gianfranco Baldanello (IMDB)

25. E VENNE IL GIORNO DEI LIMONI NERI aka Black Lemons (1970 Italia) Directed by Camillo Bazzoni (IMDB)

26. A TUTTE LE AUTO DELLA POLIZIA aka Calling All Police Cars aka The Maniac Responsible (1975) Directed by Mario Caiano (IMDB)

27. ARRIVA DORELLIK aka How To Kill 400 Duponts aka Dorellik (Italia 1962) Directed by Steno (IMDB)

28. IL SORRISO DELLA JENA aka Smile Before Death (1972 Italia) Directed by Silvio Amadio (IMDB)

29. IL MOSTRO DELL’OBITORIO aka The Hunchback Of The Morgue (Spain,1973) Directed by Javier Aguirre (IMDB)

30. LA Più ALLEGRA STORIA DEL DECAMERONE aka The Lustful Barbarian aka The Erotic Adventures of Siegfried (Germany,1971) Directed by Adrian Hoven (IMDB)

31. I RITI EROTICI DELLA PAPESSA JESIAL aka A Woman Possessed (France,1975) Directed by Mario Mercier (IMDB)

32. LE MILLE E UNA NOTTE E UN’ALTRA ANCORA (Italia 1973) Directed by Enrico Bomba (IMDB)

33. 6000 KM DI PAURA aka Safari Rally (Italia, 1978) Directed by Bitto Alberini (IMDB)

34. BYLETH – IL DEMONE DELL’INCESTO aka Byleth – The Demon of Incest (Italia 1972) Directed by Leopoldo Savona (IMDB)

35. IL MARCHIO DI KRIMINAL aka The Mark Of The Kriminal (Italia 1967) Directed by Fernando Cerchio (IMDB)

36. BAILA GUAPA (Italia 1979) Directed by A. Tagliavia (IMDB)

37. IL BANDITO DAGLI OCCHI AZZURRI aka The Blue-Eyed Bandit (Italia 1980) Directed by Alfredo Riannetti (IMDB)

38. BLACK KILLER (Italia 1971) Directed by Carlo Croccolo (IMDB)

39. SETTE MAGNIFICI CORNUTI aka Seven Magnificent Bastards (Italia 1974) Directed by Luigi Russo (IMDB)

40. LA SMAGLIATURA aka Weak Spot (Fra/Ita 1975) Directed by Peter Fleischmann (IMDB)

41. IL SESSO DELLA STREGA aka The Evil Eye (Italia 1973) Directed by Angelo Pannacciò (IMDB)

42. I SOGNI PROIBITI DI DON GALEAZZO CURATO DI CAMPAGNA aka The Forbidden Dreams Of Don Galeazzo Country Priest (Italia 1973) Directed by E. Di Cola (IMDB)

43. LA TIGRE VENUTA DAL FIUME KWAY aka The Tiger From River Kwai (Italia 1975) Directed by Franco Lattanti (IMDB)

44. L’UNICA LEGGE IN CUI CREDO (Italia 1976) Directed by Claudio Giorgi (IMDB)

45. UN UOMO CHIAMATO DAKOTA aka A Gunman Called Dakota (Italia 1972) Directed by Mario Sabatini (IMDB)

46. WEEK END PROIBITO DI UNA FAMIGLIA QUASI PER BENE (Ita/Fra 1971) Directed by Jean Dewever (IMDB)

47. VERGINITA’ (Italia 1974) Directed by Marcello Andrei (IMDB)

48. ZORRO IL RIBELLE aka Zorro The Rebel (Italia 1966) Directed by Piero Pienotti (IMDB)

49. LA BAMBOLA DI SATANA (Italia 1969) Directed by Ferruccio Casapinta (IMDB)

50. I CRIMINALI DELLA GALASSIA aka The Criminals Of The Galaxy (Italia 1965) Directed by Antonio Margheriti (IMDB)

51. LA MORTE VIENE DAL PIANETA AYTIN aka The Snow Demons (Italia 1967) Directed by Antonio Margheriti (IMDB)

52. IL PIANETA ERRANTE aka The Wondering Planet (Italia 1966) Directed by Antonio Margheriti (IMDB)

53. I DIFANOIDI VENGONO DA MARTE aka Diaphanoids, Bringers Of Death (Italia 1966) Directed by Antonio Margheriti (IMDB)

54. I PIANETI CONTRO DI NOI aka The Planets Against Us (Ita/Fra/Germany Est 1962) Directed by Romano Ferrara (IMDB)

55. LA VENDETTA DI LADY MORGAN (Italia 1965) Directed by M. Pupillo (IMDB)

56. LA COLT ERA IL SUO DIO aka God Is My Colt .45 (Ita/Germany Est 1972) Directed by Luigi Balzella/Joe D’Amato (IMDB)

57. UN DETECTIVE aka Ring Of Death (Italia 1969) Directed by Romolo Guerrieri (IMDB)

58. E COSI DIVENNERO I TRE SUPERMEN DEL WEST aka Three Supermen Of The West (Ita/Spa 1973) Directed by Anthony Blod (IMDB)

59. KARAMURAT LA BELVA DELL’ANATOLIA aka The Magic Man (Ita/Turchia 1976) Directed by E. Hofbaver (IMDB)

60. LA LUNGA CAVALCATA DELLA VENDETTA aka Long Cavalcade of Vengeance (Italia 1972) Directed by T. Boccia (IMDB)

61. NEL MIRINO DI BLACK APHRODITE aka Black Aphrodite (Ita/Greece 1979) Directed by Guido Zurli (IMDB)

62. NOVELLE GALEOTTE D’AMORE (Italia 1972) Directed by Antonio Margheriti (IMDB)

63. L’OCCHIO DEL RAGNO aka The Eye Of The Spider (Ita/Austria 1971) Directed by Roberto Bianchi Montero (IMDB)

64. QUANDO L’AMORE E’ SENSUALITA’ aka When Love Is Lust (Italia 1973) Directed by Vittorio de Sisti (IMDB)

65. A CENA COL VAMPIRO aka Dinner With A Vampire (Ita 1988) Directed by Lamberto Bava (IMDB)

66. DENTRO (UNA NOTTE AL) IL CIMITERO aka Graveyard Disturbance (Ita 1987) Directed by Lamberto Bava (IMDB)

67. FINO ALLA MORTE aka Changling 2: The Return (Ita 1987) Directed by Lamberto Bava (IMDB)

68. LA CASA DELL’ORCO aka Demons 3: The Ogre (Ita 1988) Directed by Lamberto Bava (IMDB)

69. LA RAGAZZA DI CORTINA aka The Girl From Cortina (Ita 1994) Directed by Maurizio Vanni (IMDB)

70. AL CALAR DELLA SERA (Ita 1992) Directed by Maurizio Lucidi (IMDB)

71. FEMMINE INSAZIABILI (Ita 1969) Directed by Alberto De Martino (IMDB)

72. FOLLIA DI UN MASSACRO aka Massacre Mania (Ita 1967) Directed by Paolo Bianchini (IMDB)

73. GIALLA A VENEZIA aka Mystery In Venice (Ita 1979) Directed by Mario Landi (IMDB)

74. I RAGAZZI DELLA ROMA VIOLENTA (Ita 1976) Directed by Renato Savino (IMDB)

75. IL COMPLOTTO aka The Conspiracy (Fra 1973) Directed by René Gainville (IMDB)

76. IL FIORE DAI PETALI D’ACCIAIO aka The Flower With Petals Of Steel (Ita 1973) Directed by Gianfranco Piccioli (IMDB)

77. IL TUO DOLCE CORPO DA UCCIDERE (Spa/Ita 1970) Directed by Alfonso Brescia (IMDB)

78. IL VIZIO HA LE CALZE NERE aka Reflections In Black (Ita 1975) Directed by Tano Cimarosa (IMDB)

79. INTERRABANG (Ita 1969) Directed by Guiliano Biagetti (IMDB)

80. L’AMANTE DEL DEMONIO aka The Devil’s Lover (Ita 1972) Directed by Paolo Lombardo (IMDB)

81. L’ARMA L’ORA IL MOVENTE aka The Weapon, The Hour, The Motive (Ita 1973) Directed by Francesco Mazzei (IMDB)

82. L’INTERROGATORIO (Ita 1970) Directed by Vittorio De Sisti (IMDB)

83. L’OCCHIO DIETRO LA PARETE aka Eyes Behind The Wall (Ita 1977) Directed by Giuliano Petrelli (IMDB)

84. L’ORRIBILE SEGRETO DEL DR HICHCOCK aka The Horrible Secret Of Dr Hichcock (Ita 1962) Directed by Ricardo Freda (IMDB)

85. L’OSCENO DESIDERIO aka Obscene Desire (Ita/Spa 1978) Directed by Giulio Petroni (IMDB)

86. L’UOMO PUMA aka Puma Man (Ita 1980) Directed by Alberto De Martino (IMDB)

87. LA LUNGA NOTTE DI VERONIQUE aka The Long Night Of Veronica (Ita 1966) Directed by Gianni Vernuccio (IMDB)

88. LA MANO CHE NUTRE LA MORTE aka The Hand That Feeds The Dead (Ita/Turkey 1974) Directed by Sergio Garrone (IMDB)

89. LA MORTE BUSSA DUE VOLTE aka Death Knocks Twice (Ita/Germany 1969) Directed by Harald Philipp (IMDB)

90. LA MORTE SCENDE LEGGERA aka Death Falls Lightly (Ita 1972) Directed by Leopoldo Savona (IMDB)

91. LA MORTE VIENE DAL BUIO aka So Sweet, So Dead aka Penetration (Ita 1972) Directed by Roberto Bianchi Montero (IMDB)

92. LA NOTTE DEI DANNATI aka Night Of The Damned (Ita 1971) Directed by Fillipo Walter Ratti (IMDB)

93. LA NOTTE DEI DIAVOLI aka The Night Of The Devils (Ita 1972) Directed by Giorgio Ferroni (IMDB)

94. LIBIDO TERROR aka Libido (Ita 1965) Directed by Ernesto Gastaldi & Vittorio Salerno (IMDB)

95. MADELEINE ANATOMIA DI UN INCUBO aka Madeleine, Study Of A Nightmare (Ita 1974) Directed by Roberto Mauri (IMDB)

96. NO IL CASO E’ FELICEMENTE RISOLTO aka No, The Case Is Happily Resolved (Ita 1973) Directed by Vittorio Salerno (IMDB)

97. NON AVER PAURA DELLA ZIA MARTA aka Don’t Be Afraid Of Aunt Martha (Ita 1988) Directed by Mario Bianchi (IMDB)

98. NON SPARATE SUI BAMBINI aka Don’t Shoot On Children (Ita 1978) Directed by Gianni Crea (IMDB)

99. SETTE ORE DI VIOLENZA PER UNA SOLUZIONE IMPREVISTA aka Seven Hours Of Violence (Ita 1973) Directed by Michele Massimo Tarantini (IMDB)

100. L’UOMO PIU’ VELENOSO DEL COBRA aka Human Cobras (Ita/Spain 1971) Directed by Bitto Albertini (IMDB)

101. SUGGESTIONATA (Ita 1978) Directed by Alfredo Rizzo (IMDB)

102. TESTA IN GIU’ GAMBE ALL’ARIA (Ita 1972) Directed by Ugo Novello (IMDB)

103. TRHAUMA (Ita 1980) Directed by Gianni Martucci (IMDB)

104. UN BIANCO VESTITO PER MARIALE’ aka Spirits Of Death (Ita 1972) Directed by Romano Scavolini (IMDB)

105. UN OMBRA NELL’OMBRA aka Ring Of Darkness (Ita 1979) Directed by Pier Carpi (IMDB)

106. UNA JENA IN CASSAFORTE (Ita 1968) Directed by Cesare Canevari (IMDB)

107. OSCENITA’ (Ita 1980) Directed by Renato Polselli (IMDB)


109. DIAVOLO IN CORPO aka Devil In The Flesh (Ita/France 1986) Directed by Marco Bellocchio (IMDB)

110. ANNA QUEL PARTICOLARE PIACERE aka Anna: The Pleasure, The Torment aka Secrets Of A Call Girl (Ita 1973) Directed by Guiliano Carnimeo (IMDB)

111. LO STRANO VIZIO DELLA SIGNORA WARDH aka The Strange Vice Of Mrs Wardh (Ita 1971) Directed by Sergio Martino (IMDB)

112. LA CODA DELLO SCORPIONE aka The Case Of The Scorpion’s Tail (Ita 1971) Directed by Sergio Martino (IMDB)

113. GIOVANNONA COSCIALUNGA aka Giovannona Long-Thigh (Ita 1973) Directed by Sergio Martino (IMDB)

114. CASTA E PURA aka Chaste And Pure (Ita/Spain/France 1981) Directed by Salvatore Samperi (IMDB)

115. IL BIANCO IL GIALLO IL NERO aka The White, The Yellow, The Black (Ita/France/Spain 1975) Directed by Sergio Corbucci (IMDB)

116. IL CONSIGLIORI aka The Counsellor (Ita/Spain 1973) Directed by Alberto De Martino (IMDB)

117. LUCREZIA GIOVANE (Ita 1974) Directed by Luciano Ercoli (IMDB)

118. ARIZONA SI SCATENO’ E LI FECE FUORI TUTTI aka Arizona Colt Returns (Ita/Spain 1970) Directed by Sergio Martino (IMDB)

119. SEI GIA’ CADAVERE AMIGO TI CERCA GARRINGO aka Dig Your Grave Friend… Sabata’s Coming (Spain/Italy 1971) Directed by Juan Bosch (IMDB)

Here’s hoping that Mya get them all released and that they are as high quality as their early releases. Fantastic label, they deserve your support!

Just to finish it all off, here’s a list of their current catalogue and imminent releases:

001: The Blind Woman Of Sorrento
002: Provocation
003: The Virgo, The Taurus And The Capricorn
004: The Maniacs
005: The Inveterate Bachelor
006: Door Into Darkness
007: Bread, Love And Dreams
008: Scorpion With Two Tails
009: A Policewoman In New York
010: Four Flies On Grey Velvet
011: Fatty Girl Goes To New York
012: Top Girl
013: Craving Desire
014: Passion
015: The Revenge Of The Crusader
016: Return Of The Gladiator
017: The Legend Of Blood Castle
018: The Sweet Pussycats
019: Island Of The Fishmen (June 30th)
020: Monika (June 30th)
021: Horrible (June 30th)
022: Ubalda, All Naked And Warm (June 30th)


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  1. you should release…
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    It will be a good seller

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